About the Home

Welcome to my family farm. I am the grandson of Frank and Madeline (Ponti) Talarico. My grandfather began farming this land as a young boy with his parents, Pietro and Rosina Talarico. After Frank and Madeline were married, they acquired much of the land around the present day home. In 1957, they pastured the plow horses, Bill and Duke, and purchased the Ford tractor that continues to service the farm to this day. Over the years, the land has been planted in spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, radishes and, of course, Walla Walla Sweet Onions®. The pastures and barn on the property have been the home to beef and dairy cattle, and horses roam the fields around us. It is currently rotated in wheat and alfalfa.


My mother, Bernice (Talarico) Elia was raised on this farm. The farm has always been a gathering place for the family, neighbors and friends. Over the years, my father and I worked in the fields, bucked bales, fixed fences and moved irrigation pipe in the summer and cattle in the winter. It continues to be a place for family celebrations and holidays, including my own.


I invite you to share the comfort of Granny’s (Nonna’s), enjoy the quiet pace of the farm and the spectacular views of the Blue Mountains, the deer and pheasants in the pasture and Yellow Hawk Creek nearby. Cook a family meal in the beautifully remodeled modern kitchen, or spend a day wine tasting at the many vineyards close-by and an evening out at the local restaurants, knowing you can come back to the farm for a movie and a peaceful night’s sleep. Go to Amenities to see the details of this wonderful home  offered for short-term rental. Enjoy your stay!